Igor Aharonovich


Igor Aharonovich joined UTS in February 2013 as a Senior Lecturer and an ARC DECRA holder.


B.Sc, M.Sc – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

PhD – University of Melbourne (2010)

Selected Prized and awards

2016 Humboldt Research Fellowship for Professional Researchers

2016 IEEE Young Investigator Award

2015 UTS VC award for Research Excellence in the ECR category

2015 NSW Young Tall Poppy Award

2014 Scientific Visits to Japan grant from the Australian Academy of Science

2014 Royal Society invitation to participate in the first Commonwealth Conference in India

2013    Geoff Opat Early Career Research Award from the Optical Society of Australia

2013   ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (2013-2015)

2012   Harvard Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development

2011   A total grant of $65K to organize “2012 Harvard – Australian Diamond Photonics” conference, held in Melbourne in January 2012.

2010   Young Author Best Paper Award, International Conference of Physics of Semiconductors

2010    SPIE Research Excellence Award


Selected Publications (Before joining UTS)

  1. I. Aharonovich and O. Shenderova, “Brilliant Explosions”, Correspondence, Nature. Mater. 11, 996 (2012);
  2. N. Niu, T.-L. Liu, I. Aharonovich, K. J. Russell, A. Woolf, T. C. Sadler, H.A.R. El-Ella, M. J. Kappers, R. A. Oliver and E. L. Hu, “A full free spectral range tuning of p-i-n doped Gallium Nitride microdisk cavity” Applied Physics Letters, 101, 161105, (2012) (Cover Image)
  3. I. Aharonovich, J. C. Lee, A. P. Magyar, B. B. Buckley, C. G. Yale, D. D. Awschalom and E. L. Hu “Homoepitaxial Growth of Single Crystal Diamond Membranes for Quantum Information Processing”, Advanced Materials 24, OP54, (2012)
  4. I. Aharonovich, A. D. Greentree and S. Prawer, “Diamond Photonics”, Nature Photonics 5, 397, (2011)
  5. I. Aharonovich, S. Castelletto, D. A. Simpson, C.-H. Su, A. D. Greentree and S. Prawer,”Diamond based single photon emitters”, Reports of Progress in Physics 74, 076501, (2011); (Cover Image)
  6. S. Castelletto, I. Aharonovich, B. C. Gibson, B. C. Johnson and S. Prawer, “Imaging and quantum efficiency of single emitters in diamond”, Physical Review Letters, 105, 217403 (2010)
  7. T. Müller, I. Aharonovich, L. Lombez, Y. Alaverdyan, A. N. Vamivakas, S. Castelletto, F. Jelezko, J Wrachtrup, S. Prawer and M. Atatüre, “Wide-range electrical tunability of single-photon emission from chromium-based colour centres in Diamond”,  New Journal of Physics 13, 075001, (2011)
  8. M. R. Henderson, B. C. Gibson, H. Ebendor-Heidepriem, K. Kuan, S. Afshar, T. M. Monro, J. O. Orwa, I. Aharonovich, S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, S. Prawer, and A. D. Greentree “Diamond in tellurite glass: a new hybrid medium for quantum information”, Advanced Materials 23, 2806, (2011); (Inner Cover image); Highlighted in Nature Asia-Materials
  9. A.D. Greentree, I. Aharonovich, S. Castelletto, M. Doherty, L.P. McGuinness and D.A. Simpson “21st Century Applications of Nanodiamonds”, Optics and Photonics News, 21, 20 (2010); (Invited paper, Cover image)
  10. I. Aharonovich, S. Castelletto, D. A. Simpson, B. C. Johnston, J. McCallum, A. D. Greentree, and S. Prawer, “Chromium single-photon emitters in diamond fabricated by ion implantation”, Physical Review B (R) 81, 121201, (2010)
  11. I. Aharonovich, S. Castelletto, D.A. Simpson, A. Stacey, J. McCallum, A.D. Greentree, and S. Prawer, “Two-Level Ultrabright Single Photon Emission from Diamond Nanocrystals”, Nano Letters 9, 3191, (2009); Highlighted in Materials Today
  12. A. Stacey, I. Aharonovich, S. Prawer, and J.E. Butler, “Controlled synthesis of high quality micro/nanodiamonds by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition”, Diamond and Related Materials 18, 51, (2009)
  13. K.M.C. Fu, C. Santori, P.E. Barclay, I. Aharonovich, S. Prawer, N. Meyer, A.M. Holm, and R.G. Beausoleil, “Coupling of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond to a GaP waveguide”, Applied Physics Letters 93, 203107, (2008)
  14. I. Aharonovich, S. Tamir and Y. Lifshitz, “Growth of SiOx nanowires by laser ablation”, Nanotechnology 90, 263109, (2008)
  15. I. Aharonovich, S. Tamir and Y. Lifshitz, “Growth mechanisms of amorphous SiOx nanowires”, Applied Physics Letters 19, 065608, (2007)

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