May 2019: Congrats Simon for winning RFG MacMillan Award given for the best Honours project in the field of materials science

March 2019: Welcome Niko from Prof Benson group – Niko will spend one month with us.

February 2019: Welcome Filip and Petra -visiting scholars from Brno!

February 2019: Our work on CVD growth and tuning of quantum emitters in hBN is published in ACS Nano

February 2019: A comprehensive review on single photon emitters in 2D materials is now published in Annual Reviews of Physical Chemistry

January 2019: Our first collaborative work with Paul Barclay’s group at Calgary on hBN optomechanics is now in nanoletters!

January 2019: We welcome Filip Ligmajer from Brno as a visiting fellow for a few months!

January 2019: Congratulations to Kerem Bray on becoming a Dr!

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