Alex Yulong Sun

5F3CA162-6359-4132-8E05-07948CA13CFA9FB4A7A1-D589-4F6D-A885-3406B05C2FDCAlex graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology (Harbin) in 2011. Then he went to Jilin Uniniversity (Changchu), Tsinghua University (Beijing), and Northwestern University (Chicago) as research assistant, research fellow and visiting scholar from 2011 to 2015. Recently, Alex joined into UTS as a PhD student. From 2012, he has 16 research articles ,3 science reviews. The citation indices are around 650,and both h-index and i10-index are 13.

Alex’s research interests involve self-assembly based on inorganic nanoparticles, organic molecules, and biomacromolecules; Biomaterials; Biochemistry; and Nervousscience.






B.E. / Harbin University of Science and Technology (09/2007 – 07/2011)

PhD candidate / University of Technology Sydney (From 08/2015)

Work Experience

Research Assistant / Jilin University (Changchun, China)
Research Fellow / Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
Visiting Researcher / Northwestern University (Chicago, US)



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