Toby Shanley


Toby Shanley is a 2nd year PhD candidate under the joint supervision of Matthew Phillips, Milos Toth and Igor Aharonovich. His project has largely involved the design and construction of an environmental Photo Yield Spectroscopy system for real-time analysis of solid-gas interface processes.  He uses correlative materials characterisation techniques including VDP and four-point probe conductivity measurements, Photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and has assisted in the construction of a high-resolution Cathodoluminescence system.

 His research involves modification of the electronic properties of material surfaces by atomic/molecular adsorption.  Materials of interest include wide bandgap semiconductors, nanostructures, organic semiconductors and atomically thin films.



Toby has worked for the University of Technology, Sydney in a technical capacity for over 7 years. He has split his time working for the Physics department, the Environmental Science department, and across the board as a technical officer for the Science faculty.

After studying Aquaculture, Toby went on to complete his Bachelor with 1st Class Honours in Applied Physics in 2009. Following this he spent 6 months working as a research officer at CSIRO’s Centre for Energy Technology.  Despite the elation of being free from UTS, he returned to undertake his Doctorate at the beginning of 2011.

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