Shihui Wen


Shihui Wen completed his undergraduate course and Bachelor of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Preparations at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (2009). Then, he received his MS degree (2012) from Donghua University under the direction of Professor Xiangyang Shi (China), which involved research focused on synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications of dendrimer– and branched polyethylenimine polymer- based functionalized nanomaterials. He is currently undertaking his PhD project at UTS advised by Prof. Dayong Jin. His current research involving fabrication of heterogeneous lanthanide-doped nanocrystals and their applications for multimode bioimaging.




Education Background                                                                

09/2005 to      Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

07/2009          B. E., Pharmaceutical Preparations,

09/2009 to      Donghua University

03/2012          M. S., Organic Chemistry,

08/2014 to      Macquarie University

07/2015          PhD candidate

07/2015 to      University of Technology, Sydney

now                  PhD candidate

Research Interests

Heterogeneous Lanthanide-doped Nanocrystals and Their Applications for Multimode Bioimaging
Development of nanocrystals with heterogeneous crystalline in one nanoplatform will enable their multifunctional properties for different applications. However, the formation of controlled anisotropic nanocrystals still remains a great challenge. My project was based on the facile one-pot hot-injection method to form the desired multifunctional heterogeneous crystalline with tunable size, shape, composition, and properties. The formed nanocrystals could afford their uses as nanoplateform to study the interaction between different parts in nanoscale as well as the further design of multimode bioimaging contrast agents.

Awards and Honors                                                                            

2005-2006 Excellent Student of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

2006-2007 Excellent Student Cadres of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

2007-2008 National Encouragement Scholarship (from Chinese Ministry of Education)

2008-2009 National Encouragement Scholarship; First prize of outstanding graduation thesis; Outstanding Graduates of Shaanxi Province

2009-2010 Outstanding Student of Donghua University; First-Class Scholarship of Donghua University

2010-2011 Academic Research Scholarship of Donghua University

2012-2013 Outstanding master’s thesis of Donghua University

2013-2014 Outstanding master’s thesis of Shanghai

2014-2015 International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships

2015-2017 The UTS International Research Scholarship (UTS IRS)

2016-2017 The UTS President’s scholarship (UTSP)


International Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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11. Fuyin Zheng, Shige Wang, Shihui Wen, Mingwu Shen, Meifang Zhu, Xiangyang Shi. Preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity of amoxicillin-loaded electrospun nano-hydroxyapatite/poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composite nanofibers. Biomaterials, 1402-1412 (2013).

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Peer-Reviewed Proceeding Papers

15. Wen S., Liu D., Ren W., Ma C., Shi B., Xu X., Jin D. Developing multifunctional heterogeneous upconversion nanocrystals for multimodality bioimaging and biomedicine. 6th International Nanomedicine Conference, Sydney, Australia, July 6-8, 2015.

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