Kristopher Fair


Kris is a PhD student studying plasmonics in doped and strained graphene, primarily supervised by Mike Ford, in collaboration with Kostya Ostrikov (CSIRO) and Julian Gale (Curtin University). He was awarded his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (First Class Honours), from UTS in 2012.
Kris’s research has involved density functional theory (DFT) and empirical force field calculations of various material properties through his Honours work and additional scholarships at USYD, CSIRO, and UTS.

His project focuses on a blend of modelling, code development for large scale time dependent DFT and experimental analysis of graphene systems utilising FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy.


 Project: Plasmonics in graphene

Topics 2D materials, Modelling, Plasmonics

 Selected awards

  • Dean’s Merit Prize for Academic Excellence (UTS – 2012)
  • R F G MacMillan Award – Best Honours project in the field of materials science (UTS – 2012)
  • Australian Institute of Physics Prize – Top Honours student (UTS – 2012)
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • CSIRO Top up scholarship

 Journal Articles

K. M. Fair, X. Y. Cui, C. C. Shieh, R. K. Zheng, Z. W. Liu, B. Delley, M. J. Ford, S. P. Ringer, and C. Stampfl, Hydrogen adsorption capacity of adatoms on double carbon vacancies of graphene: A trend study from first principles, Phys. Rev. B (2013) 87, 1, 014102


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