Highlighted papers from our staff & students

  • T T Tran, J Fang, H Zhang, P Rath, K Bray, R G Sandstrom, O Shimoni, M Toth, and I Aharonovich. Facile Self-Assembly of Quantum Plasmonic Circuit Components. Advanced Materials, 27(27), 4048–4053 (2015)
  • N Dontschuk, A Stacey, A Tadich, K J Rietwyk, A Schenk, M T Edmonds, O Shimoni, C I Pakes, S Prawer & J Cervenka. A graphene field-effect transistor as a molecule-specific probe of DNA nucleobases. Nature Communications 6, 6563 (2015)
  • A. Magyar, W. Hu, T. Shanley, M.E. Flatté, E. Hu & I. Aharonovich. Synthesis of luminescent europium defects in diamond. Nature Communications 5, 3523 (2014)
  • Botman, A., Bahm, A., Randolph, S., Straw, M, and Toth, M., Spontaneous Growth of Gallium-Filled Microcapillaries on Ion-Bombarded GaN. Physical Review Letters, 111(13), 135503 (2013)
  • P. Magyar, I. Aharonovich, M. Baram, and E. L. Hu, Photoluminescent SiC Tetrapods,
 Nano Letters 13, 1210 (2013)
  • J. Bishop, C.J. Lobo, A. Martin, M. Ford, M. Phillips, and M. Toth, Role of Activated Chemisorption in Gas-Mediated Electron Beam Induced Deposition, Physical Review Letters 109, 146103 (2012)
  • Aharonovich, J. C. Lee, A. P. Magyar, B. B. Buckley, C. G. Yale, D. D. Awschalom and E. L. Hu, Homoepitaxial Growth of Single Crystal Diamond Membranes for Quantum Information Processing, Advanced Materials 24, OP54 (2012)
  • Aharonovich, A. D. Greentree and S. Prawer, Diamond Photonics, Nature Photonics 5, 397, (2011)
  • Aharonovich, S. Castelletto, D. A. Simpson, C.-H. Su, A. D. Greentree and S. Prawer, Diamond based single photon emitters, Reports of Progress in Physics 74, 076501, (2011)
  • M. R. Henderson, B. C. Gibson, H. Ebendor-Heidepriem, K. Kuan, S. Afshar, T. M. Monro, J. O. Orwa, I. Aharonovich, S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, S. Prawer, and A. D. Greentree Diamond in tellurite glass: a new hybrid medium for quantum information, Advanced Materials 23, 2806 (2011)
  • S. Castelletto, I. Aharonovich, B. C. Gibson, B. C. Johnson and S. Prawer, Imaging and quantum efficiency of single emitters in diamond, Physical Review Letters, 105, 217403 (2010)
  • J.R. Reimers, Y. Wang, B. Cankurtaran, M.J. Ford, Chemical analysis of the superatom model of gold nanoparticle, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 8378 (2010)
  • A.I. Denisyuk, G. Adamo, K.F. MacDonald, N.I. Zheludev, M.D. Arnold, M.J. Ford, V. Myroshnychenko, F.J. Garcia de Abajo, Transmitting Hertzian optical nano-attenna with free-electron feed, Nano Letters 10, 3250 (2010)



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