group members

Group Leaders

igor       milosIgor Aharonovich and Milos Toth are combining efforts to deliver sustainable quantum technologies to our daily life. The group explores novel single photon emitters in wide band gap materials and advanced non conventional nanofabrication techniques to build a new generation of sensors and devices.
There is a close collaboration with Mike Ford and Jeff Reimers on quantum simulations, Charlene Lobo on electron beam etching, Matt Phillips on cathodoluminescence, and collaborating with Dr Olga Shimoni on fluorescent nanoparticles.
We also started a new collaborative work on integrated nanophotonics with Dr Alex Solntsev.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr Mehran Kianinia    Dr Toan Tran (Chancellors Fellow)

Dr Carlo Bradac (Chancellors Fellow, DECRA Fellow)

   Dr Zaiquan Xu (Chancellors Fellow)    Dr Sejeong Kim (Chancellors Fellow)

Dr John Scott         Dr James Bishop

PhD students

Garrett Budnik Simon White  Minh Nguyen
Noah Mendelson Chi Li Blake Regan
Johannes Froch Hahn Duong Connor Stewart
Angus Gale Daniel Totonjian Anh Ly
Mikhail Borisov Aleksandra Trysz   

Honours, Undergrad and Summer students

Visiting Academics

Prof Shay Lifshitz (March – April 2015)

Dr. Lu Liu (2016)     Dr. Zhiyong Guo (2016)

Dr Andreas Schell (2015)       Dr Patrick Rath (2015)

Dr Bernd Sontheimer (2017) Prof Oliver Benson, HUB (2018)

Prof Jin Liu, SYSU (2018) Filip Ligmajer (2019)

Mr Niko Nikolay (2019)

Technical support staff

We are lucky to have Geoff McCredie, Mark Lockrey and Katie McBean to help us run the labs!


Anton Tkachev                 Aiden Martin                    Stefan Lundgaard

Toby Shanley                  Dolf Timmerman         Dr Gediminas Seniutinas

Carla Fleisher-Petersen    Dr Hien Duong          Sumin Choi  Cameron Zachreson

Russell Sandstrom             Alan Bahm              Amanuel Berhane

Chris Elbadawi      Kerem Bray

Group photos


group photoDSC01683

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