Chris Badawi

Chris Elbadawi

PhD Candidate
Microstructural Analysis Unit
University of Technology, Sydney


Chris has recently completed his undergraduate course; Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with first class Honours (2012), which involved research focused on Electron beam induced deposition of platinum nanostructures. He is currently undertaking his PhD project at UTS with current research involving fabrication of metal-carbon nanomaterials by utilizing state-of-the-art focused electron beam induced processing (FEBIP) capabilities and CSIRO Lindfield’s Plasma-aided fabrication facilities. He is primarily being supervised by Dr Charlene Lobo (UTS) and Prof. Kostya Ostrikov (CSIRO).



Project Title:

Fabrication of metal-carbon nanomaterials by electron beam induced deposition and plasma fabrication

Research interests and techniques:

–          FEBIP

–          Plasma enhanced Chemical vapour deposition

–          Deposition and diffusion of materials including; Platinum, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Single Crystal Diamond

Recent awards and scholarships:

–          Dean’s Merit list for academic excellence award (UTS – 2012)

–          R F G MacMillan Award – best Honours project in the field of materials science (UTS – 2012)

–          Australian Postgraduate award (APA)

–          CSIRO top up scholarship



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