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Light Emitting Nano-Materials

Our research focuses on the light emitting properties of bulk and nano-structured wide band gap materials, such as group III – nitride and binary oxide semiconductors. The group’s experimental methods comprise; scanning cathodoluminescence microscopy, spectroscopy and spectral imaging, electron microscopy,  scanning probe … Continue reading

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Under construction

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Bio imaging

We are developing novel bio-imaging probes based on color centers in nanodiamonds and other bright nanostructures. We also exploring functionalization of nanocrystalline surfaces with bio-molecules to demonstrate efficient labeling and targeted drug delivery.   First demonstration of biolabeling with near … Continue reading

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Bottom-up growth

We are also studying growth of nano- and micro-structured materials using bottom-up fabrication methods. We specialize in real-time imaging and analysis of materials grown using techniques such as chemical and physical vapor deposition. Growth kinetics are used to understand the … Continue reading

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Wide Bandgap Nanophotonics

Our lab is focused on nanoscale engineering and characterization of quantum entities to control and guide light at the nanoscale. We are exploring several research directions to understand light – matter interactions and to fabricate energy efficient devices. space Single … Continue reading

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  Our nanolithography work is focused on electron and ion beam processing in reactive gaseous environments. These techniques involve beam-induced decomposition of surface-adsorbed precursor molecules into reactive fragments which modify solids irradiated by charged particle beams. We use them for localized, … Continue reading

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Quantum Simulations

Understanding the electronic states of materials is fundamental to understanding their macroscopic properties, such as thermal or electrical conductivity, structure, optical absorption etc.  Mike Ford’s group uses quantum mechanical simulations to predict these electronic states and hence material properties at … Continue reading

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