Amanuel Berhane

amanuelAmanuel joined the school of Physics and Advanced Materials at UTS in autumn of 2014 as a PhD candidate from Ethiopia. Previously, he did his Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Uni-Kiel, Germany and his other Master’s degree in Physics from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. His Bachelor’s degree was also in Physics from Ethiopia. He had worked as a Guest-Scientist at Uni-Kiel, mainly on characterization techniques of industrial silicon based energy devices.

Amanuel’s work at UTS focuses on strategies for fabrication of Nanophotonic devices, primarly supervised by Dr. Igor Aharonovich and Prof. Milos Toth. In his work, Amanuel investigates certain 2D photonic materials, which could later be used in nanophotonics and quantum devices.



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