Alan Bahm

AlanBahmWebPhotoAlan is a PhD student studying gas-mediated ion beam induced etching and deposition (IBIED), primarily supervised by Professor Toth and Professor Ford.  He is also actively working at FEI Company as a researcher in the electron sources group.


Alan’s research involves simulation and experiment of ion-solid interactions.



Gas-mediated ion beam induced processing




Ion-solid interaction, Modelling, Bottom-up growth.


  • The ZrO/W(100) Schottky cathode: Morphological modification and its effect on long term opera- tion, Bahm, A. S. Schwind, G. A. Swanson, L. W., Sept. 2011 J. App. Phys. Vol. 110
  • Accurate calculation of the field factor for the Schottky cathode, poster at Electron, Ion, Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication (EIPBN) conference 2010
  • Are Parasite Numbers Bugging You?, Bahm, A. S. (unpublished – after a recreational math problem mentioned by Freeman Dyson, 2009)
  • Range of Validity of Field Emission Equations, Bahm, A. S. Schwind, G. A. Swanson, L. W., Nov 2008, JVST Vol 26 6 pgs 2080-2084
  • Range of Validity of Field Emission Equations poster at EIPBN conference 2008
  • Bifurcation Structure in Diversity Dynamics, Bedau, M.A. and Bahm, A., 1994, Artificial life IV: proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems
  • Galactic Dynamics : computation and theory, Alan Bahm, 1992, Reed college undergraduate thesis, Richard Crandall, advisor

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