2017 Seminars


Title: Engineering functional neuronal networks using nanowire arrays

13/02/2017 Emeritus Professor Jean-Claude Georges Bünzli (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Title: The Beauty of Lanthanide Light: from Basics to Applications

14/02/2017 Prof Andrew Greentree (RMIT)

Title: Laser threshold magnetometry: new approaches to sensing with diamond

24/2/2017 Professor Dirk Englund (MIT)

Title: Photonic Integrated Circuits for Quantum Communications

28/2/2017 Dr. Sejeong Kim (UTS)

Title: Nanophotonics for Semiconductor Light Sources: Photonic Crystal Lasers and Efficient Quantum Emitters

4/4/2017 Professor. J. Justin Gooding (UNSW)

Title: Single Entity Biosensors: From Detecting Many to Detecting One to Detecting Many

11/4/2017 Dr. Richard Henchman (The University of Manchester )

Title: Total Quantification of Molecular Flexibility and Stability from Computer Simulation

2/5/2017 Professor. William S. Price (Western Sydney University)

Title: Probing Solution Dynamics and Microstructures with Magnetic Resonance

9/5/2017 Dr Angus Johnston (Monash University)

Title: Targeted Drug Delivery: Understanding the secrets of nanoparticle cell interactions

15/5/2017 A/Prof. Qiaoliang Bao (Monash University)

Title: Photonics and optoelectronics of two-dimensional materials

23/5/2017 Professor. Daniel Kosov (James Cook University)


13/6/2017 Professor Martina Stenzel (UNSW)

Title: Design of functional micelles for drug delivery

30/6/2017  Professor Wolfgang Parak  (Philipps-Universität Marburg)

Title: Some physicochemical aspects that may complicate active targeting

18/7/2017 Dr. Peter Reece (UNSW)

Title: Optical Trapping and Nanotechnology New Opportunities for Nanoscale Sensing

Prof Hérnan Mígue (Institute of Materials Science of Seville, Spain & Macquarie University Visiting Fellow)

Titel: Photonic tuning of light absorption and emission of nanomaterials

1/9/2017 Prof. Joe Shapter

Title: Solar cells with nanocarbons

12/9/2017 Dr. Yongsop Hwang (RMIT University)

Title: Subwavelength planar chiral plasmonics

3/10/2017 Dr. Nicholas Bedford (Air Force Research Laboratory)

Title: Understanding Structure/Function Relationships of Nanomaterials using Atomic-Scale Synchrotron Radiation Characterization Methods

21/11/2017  Professor Albert Polman (The University of Amsterdam)

Title: Time-resolved cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of optical metasurfaces

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