2015 seminars

19/02/2015: Prof Pieter Kruit, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands,

Title: “Recent Innovations from Delft in Electron Microscopy, Electron Lithography and Focused Ion Beams”

 All seminars will be held in CB04.03.330  from 15:30 till 16:30!

6/03/2015: Prof Shay Lifshitz, Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology, Distinguished Visiting Scholar. Title: “Nanostructuring Carbon by Energetic Species: from Amorphous Carbon through Carbon Nanotubes to Diamond”


11/03/2015: Prof Shay Lifshitz, Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology, Distinguished Visiting Scholar. Title: “Metal-free efficient Cdot-C3N4 composite photocatalyst
for stable visible water splitting”


13/03/2015: Prof Neil CameronMonash Warwick Chair of Polymer Materials, Monash Uni

Title: “Emulsion-templated Polymer Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and 3D Cell Culture”


16/03/2015: Prof Yuri Gogotsi, Director of  A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute, Drexel University, USA

Title: “MXenes: Expanding the World of Two-Dimensional Materials”


20/03/2015: Dr Deanna D’Alessandro, Sydney Uni

Title: “A Combined Experimental, Theoretical and Computational Approach to Redox-Active Microporous Materials”


23/03/2015 (Monday): Prof Wei Ren, Shanghai University

Title: “From Electronic Transport and Multiferroic Nanostructures”


10/04/2015: Prof Antoine M. van Oijen, Uni of Wollongong

Title: “A single-molecule approach to biology”


17/04/2015: Dr Dave Rogers, Nanovation Ltd (France)

Title: “ZnO: from the Laboratory to Commercialisation”


24/04/2015: Assoc/Prof Francesca Iacopi, Griffith University, QLD

Title:”Graphene on silicon wafers: the “holy grail”?”


8/05/2015: Dr Alfonso Garcia-BennettMacquarie University

Title:”Synthesis, Structural Properties and Applications of  Mesoporous Materials”


5/06/2015: Dr Chunle Xiong, Sydney University

Title: “CMOS compatible photonic chip based quantum light sources”


12/06/2015: A/Prof Michael Higgins, Wollongong University

Title: ““Getting a Grip” on Cell-Material Adhesion using Bio-AFM


19/06/2015: Dr Steve Lee, ANU

Title: “Strategies for deep tissue optical imaging”


26/06/2015, Dr Philip Nakashima, Monash University

Title:”Electron Diffraction and the Measurement and Mapping of Chemical Bonds”


7/08/2015, Emeritus Prof Noel Hush, Sydney University

Title: “Localization and Delocalization in Physics and Chemistry”


14/08/2015, A/Prof Jennifer Wong-Leung, ANU

Title:” A microscopic insight into semiconductor nanowire growth”


21/08/2015, FOUR talks!

Dr Guohua Jia, Curtin University

Title: “Colloidal Semiconductor Nanorod Couples and Nanorods”

Prof Jing WangSun Yat-Sen University (China)

Title: “Controllable synthesis, morphology and persistent luminescence properties of near infrared (NIR) persistent luminescent nanoparticle ZnGa2O4:Cr3+ potentially for bioimaging”

Prof Dongyuan Zhao and Prof Jianlin Shi 

Title: “Fluorescent mesoporous silica nanoparticles for nanomedicine”


28/08/2015, Prof Nicolas Voelcker, University of South Australia

Title: ” Nanostructured Silicon in Nanomedicine”


04/09/2015, Dr Maryanne Large (University of Sydney) and Dr Nadia Court (UNSW)

Title: “Angels on the Head of a Pin: adventures on the nanoscale”


11/09/2015, Prof Milos Toth, UTS

Title: “Nano-scale surface chemistry directed by electron and ion beams”


18/09/2015, Prof Kenneth Crozier, University of Melbourne

Title: “Light-matter interactions at the nanoscale: challenges and opportunities”


2/10/2015, Dr Xiaoxue (Helen) Xu, Macquarie University

Title: “Three-dimensional controlled growth of heterogeneous nanocrystals”


9/10/2015, Dr Xiaoming Wen, UNSW

Title: “Carrier and ion dynamics in organic-inorganic halide perovskite: from ultrafast to ultraslow”


13/11/2015, Dr Yuerui (Larry) Lu, ANU

Title:” 2D Materials for Optics, Excitonic and Nano-mechanical Devices”

Seminars will be held in CB04.05.430 (grid room)

4/12/2015, Dr Rona Chandrawati, Sydney University

Title:” Biomimicry: Innovations in Diagnostics and Drug Delivery Inspired by Nature”


10/12/2015, Dr Kyoko Namura, Physics and Engineering , Kyoto University, Japan

Title: “Marangoni flows controlled by the thermoplasmonic effect of gold nanoisland films”






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