2014 seminars

February 28th,  Dr Jinghua Fang, CSIRO, “Study Of One Dimensional Nanocrystal Growth Using Anodic Aluminium Oxide”

March 7th , Dr Brant Gibson, RMIT, “Nanodiamond for BioPhotonic and Hybrid-Photonic applications”

March 21st, Dr Jin Dayong, MQ University, Nanophotonic SuperDots and τ-Dots for High-Throughput Biotechnology Discovery

March 28th, Prof Jeff Reimers, UTS, “Rules controlling sulfur chemisorption to gold surfaces and gold nanoparticles”

April 4th, Dr Cindy Gunawan, UNSW,  Title: The Nanoparticle-Cell Interactions as Two-Sided Blade for NanoBio Applications

April 11th, Dr Yijiao Jiang, UNSW, Title: ‘Molecular-scale Understanding of Nanocatalysis’

May 9th, Prof Saulius Juodkazis, Swinburne, Title: “High precision fabrication for light management at nanoscale”

May 16th Prof Andrea Morelo, UNSW, High fidelity single atom spin qubits in silicon

May 30th, Prof Paul Mulvaney, UoM, ‘Energy Transfer in Nanocrystal Systems – The Power of Distance’

June 6th, Prof David Jamieson, University of Melbourne, Title:” Physics, Power and Climate Change”

June 13th, Dr Manuel Decker, Australian National University, Title: “Advanced Light Manipulation with Magnetic Metamaterials and Nanoantennas”

June 20th Dr Victoria Coleman, National Measurement Institute, Title: TBA

June 27th, Prof Gavin Conibeer, University of New South Wales, Title: Third Generation Photovoltaics

July 4th, Prof Vipul Bansal, RMIT, Title: TBA

August 1st, Dr Dewei Chu, UTS, Title: Solution-processed Cerium Oxide Thin Films for High Performance Resistive Random Access Memory Applications

August 8th, Dr Attila Mozer , University of Wollongong, Title:Charge generation, transport and recombination in di-chromophoric porphyrin-sensitised solar cells

August 15th, Prof Michael Cortie UTS, “Mysteries of the mollusc shell”

August 22nd, Prof Matthew Phillips, UTS, Title: “Defects and p-doping in GaN and ZnO”

September 5th, Prof Dave Mitchell, UoW, Title: Aberration Corrected STEM

September 19th, A/Prof Paul Young and A/Prof Daniela Traini, (Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and School of Medicine, University of Sydney) Title: Treating Breathing and Sleep Disorders through an integrated approach to healthcare.

October 3rd, Mr Patrick Rath, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Title: Diamond Integrated Nanophotonics Circuits

October 10th, Dr Stefano Palombo, University of Sydney, Title: TBA

October 24th, Prof Chengzhong (Michael) Yu, University of Queensland, Title: Application-driven Designer Nano-materials

October 31st, Mr Aiden Martin, Completion Seminar

November 7th, Dr Stefania Castelletto, RMIT, Title: TBA

November 21st, A/Prof Paul Stoddart, Swinburne University, Title: “nanoparticle enhanced neural stimulation”

December 16th, Prof Mark Waller, “Quantum simulations of proteins”

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