2013 seminars

26/11/13, 11:00 am, Diamond Bionic Eye

Prof Steven Prawer, Melbourne Materials Institute

15/11/13, 3:30 pm, Drawing the invisible: fibres for hyperlenses and the emperor’s clothes

Dr. Boris Kuhlmey, University of Sydney.

8/11/13, 3:30 pm, Role of extracellular DNA in engineering bacterial communities

A/Prof. Cynthia Whitchurch, i3 Institute, UTS.

5/11/13, 11:00 am, Lasers and laser phenomena in undoped synthetic diamond

A/Prof Rich Mildren, MQ University


20/9/13, 3:30 pm,  Nature’s nanoparticles: Towards understanding the assembly of biominerals.

Prof. Julian Gale, Curtin University, Perth WA.

13/9/13, 3:30 pm, CB04.2.35 Atom Probe Tomography:Toward atomic-scale understanding of microstructure

Dr. Wai Kong Yeoh, University of Sydney

6/9/13, 3:30 pm, CB04.2.35 Optical properties of metallic nano triangles.

Shripad Kulkarni, University of Technology Sydney

28/6/13, 3:30 pm, CB04.2.35 Nanoscale studies of liquid/solid interfaces

Dr Chiara Neto, University of Sydney

16/8/13, 3:30 pm, CB04.2.35 Fundamental characterization of nanodiamond NV centre spontaneous emission.

Faraz Inam, Macquarie university

18/6/13, 11.00 am, CB04.2.34 Controlling Physiochemical Properties of Polymer Hydrogel Capsules for Biomedical Applications

Dr. Olga Shimoni, University of Melbourne

14/6/13, 3.30pm, CB04.2.34 Optical characterisation of functional thin films

Dr. Angus Gentle, UTS

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